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Here are some samples of my artwork!
You can find a copy of my resume here.

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Personal Work

Armor Concept
Concept design for cybernetic armor suit
Creature from Planet Sponng!
This is an homage to old sci-fi pulps like Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers
Mecha Concept
Concept design for mechanized soldier
Magic-wielding swordsman
Sketch of the Zerk, evil minion of darkness and despair
Circuit Jumper
MageOS systems mercenary debugger
Combat armor
Study for space combat armor
Mechanical automaton from the Industrial Age

Commercial Art

Sandcastle competition illo for Joe's Crab Shack
Proposed t-shirt design for Digital Screen, Inc.
Mutant Crabs
Proposed t-shirt design for a local crabhouse
Underwater rover
T-shirt design for a supplier of deep-sea exploration utilities
Savage Cycler
Logo proposal for Savage Cycles, a mountain bike company
Stick It BMX
Illustration for a BMX racing t-shirt

Anime Fan Art

Batman and Ranma
Batman, the Dark Knight Detective, and Ranma Saotome, the Boy/Girl Wonder
Chinese Dragon
Chun-li, of Street Fighter fame
Wings of an Angel
Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion
Battle Angel Gally
Hunter-Warrior Gally, deadly angel of the Scrapyard
Larger version

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